Bill, you need to take the lens cover off the camera.

Bill, you need to take the lens cover off the camera.


Profile Plus has been active in the placement of posters, flyers and printed promotional material for 20 years. Throughout this time our operation has diversified to include design, pre-press, print and nationwide placement and distribution through a well established network of agents.

Originally our main clientele was in the music, arts, dance and theatre industries. More recently clients have included advertising agencies wanting to gain a visible profile for products such as: Burger King, Wrangler, Crunchie, BNZ and Fuji. Added to this is our extensive promotions work for sporting events and record companies. Street Posters offer a unique, affordable and highly visible option.

We have invested in the development of exclusive sites in maximum traffic and pedestrian locations in the Auckland City area. Through controlling these sites efficiently we can guarantee the maximum exposure for the clients’ promotion. We are constantly developing new areas for placement. We currently have sole use of approximately eighty sites Auckland wide, providing 10,500 square metres of quality space. With the vast quantity of print production now handled by Profile Plus we can offer the best in printing costs, handling any size and volume. Our service can start with the design and cover all areas through to placement nationwide.

Profile Plus has also developed a network for distribution and display of both posters and flyers in retail outlets. In Auckland alone we have approximately 1000 shops which accept and display promotional material on a regular basis. Over the last decade of developing the business we can offer clients a service and product which is the best available in this medium. If you want to be seen, contact Profile Plus, we can achieve maximum exposure for your promotional campaign.


Phone: 0274 984 832 or email

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40 Airedale Street
Auckland City

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Profile Plus
PO Box 99352
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